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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I absolutely LOVE Action Comics #1. It is funny that previous poster stated about it being Grant Morrison's Smallville because in the interview I posted last week he stated that he has never seen an episode of it but understood what they were doing so I'm not surprised this felt like that. The Lex Luthor in this is very interesting and totally reminds me of a young All-Star Superman Luthor!!! I seriously can't wait for more.

Also have read Detective Comics and I think it was scnj that posted about the cliffhanger...and wow...what an interesting new direction for the Joker. Daniels writing and dialogue was shit but that cliffhanger was enough to get me to continue reading to see it's resolution.

Really enjoyed Batgirl #1 as well. I am guessing that we will learn over the course of the first arc how Babs regained the use of her legs but I'm guessing it is through the use of advanced Wayne Tech such as nanobots or something.

Also most important question for those who read Justice League International...where is Skeets???!!!! I did notice Michael had on his Legion ring which I thought was a nice touch but where is the little guy? Nothing better have happened to him!
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