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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG-R discussion thread!

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I think it would be a nice bonus if they included some remastered deleted scenes, but I think I'd prefer to see the episodes as they aired.

One nitpick I have is how Encounter At Farpoint is broken up into Part 1 and Part 2. When TNG premiered it was as a two hour episode. I would really like to see the show presented as one long episode rather than as a two-parter. How is it presented on the DVDs?
I don't know, but I figure it would be the two hour episode version on the remastered version.
As far as I recall all home video releases of the pilots and double length episodes were in their original 1 episode presentation. The only exception are episodes that were shown in two parts on their first broadcast. Therefore, I'm confident the blu ray releases will follow the same format.
Encounter At Farpoint as well as All Good Things were presented as one episode on VHS and DVD, with scences that were cut from the two part versions to make room for the additional credits.
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