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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Reading the JL, the new Action Comics, and then the Detective.... there's no clear IN BOOK indication of when these stories take place... or have I missed something. Action takes place in the "past," the JL is supposed to take place "5 years" ago and Detective now... but... if I was a new reader, not connected to BBSs, how would I know that?
I suppose you could argue that it doesn't matter. The crowd DC is going for are not the types to sit around and wonder what books take place when, but enjoy a good story. Unfortunately that's all going to go out the window during the first big crossover event.
Sure. You could. But then why have then told us, the internet, if it didn't matter... Because it does matter. We're seeing characters at different points. which could be interesting.

But, if I'm a new reader and I pick up Action comics, Superman, JL, and Batman... In one, Supes has been around for 6 months (in action), in the others at different periods. Supes LOOKS different, ACTS different. These are things as a teen I would notice. And if I didn't know they all took place in different time periods... it would be weird.

...which could be solved by a simple "5 years ago" mention in the setting... or something. Or in the name of the story.
One reason why I stopped reading comics long ago. The publishers stopped caring about where it all fits in (marvel is the worst)

They need to either go back to single story comics or maybe two parters and stop with the crossover arcs. The writers just are not consistant enough.
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