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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I actually thought Justice League featured the best Jim Lee art since X-Men. idk...

My thing with Jim Lee isn't that I think he's really bad, or that I think he's really gotten particularly objectively worse,* but that his style became fixed in the days of manual coloring and early computer coloring.** And his style looks kind of ass with conventional, modern-day computer coloring. (Check out the covers of those Claremont/Lee X-Men omnibi. See how much worse the new ones look, how garish and overdone the colors are, or--if you're of the mind to blame Lee for something he had no part in--overrendered the pencils are.)

But here it just seemed... blecky. The layouts, the mise-en-scene, kind of blah. I'm comparing it to his collaboration with Azzarello on Superman, that's the most recent Lee work I've got. It was pretty okay?

It shares in common with Justice League an ugly, gross, contraption-laden soldier-thing. You know, he couldn't draw that and make it look good then, either. Hm. (It's funny, because he drew Cameron Hodge pretty great.)

*Maybe a little. Not much. He hasn't been a favorite since WildC.A.T.s. Another favorite of mine at the time was Rob Liefeld, sooo...

**With that one little exception. I would pay good money to see him return to his Deathblow beyond-the-valley-of-the-Frank-Millers style, especially for a Bat-related project, though. That shit was intense. It also looked like it took forever and a day, which indeed it did.

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