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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Okay, I broke. I bought Justice League. I also bought Men of War, Action Comics, Animal Man, and Stormwatch, because I lack self-control.

Justice League #1

All of the criticisms about it are true: this book is insanely badly paced for the first foot forward of the new DCU, and, really, almost nothing happens. Indeed, this book is technically bad, make no mistake.

Do I regret my purchase? Oh, not one bit.

It makes up for all its flaws and more, by being the most hilarious comic book I've read in a good while.

Hal Jordan written as a clinically-tested, Code 317 mildly mentally retarded man is not exactly what I expected, but it's so, so perfect. He keeps talking about himself in the third person. He uses the phrase "note to self" when trying to make a point to someone else. He describes something as "combusted into fire." He lets a crazy person in a batsuit take his ring right off his hand. He gets punched in the face by Superman. Geoff Johns, you magnificent bastard. You've exhibited growth. It's like you finally, finally realized what an unintentional parody your Hal Jordan had become.

But instead of doing the obvious thing, and just fixing it, you did something subversive, you went the other way; you went intentional, full-on parody. I didn't believe you had it in you, man. And in the flagship title, of all things? You heard it here: Geoff Johns, fucking genius.


Note une: ComiXology's comics reader isn't very good. I mean, it functions. I could use it. But it's really cumbersome. How in the world does something I pay for manage to be far, far worse--format-wise--than the .cbr software I could download for free (which I have certainly never used, of course, but have nonetheless formed a strong attachment to and opinion on)? Page up and page down for turning pages is the only use those keys have ever had, and it worked great. Left and right for going, unsurprisingly, left and right. Why mess with success, ComiXology?

Note dva: Jim Lee's art sort of sucks, and not even in his usual "I can only draw two people" way, more like he was rushed. It's no X-Men #1, anyway.

Note tres: You probably think I'm being ironic or something with the review. I'm actually not, at least not entirely. Art aside, it was a quite enjoyable comic. If Johns was really doing this on purpose, then I'm truly impressed.

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