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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
The FBI guy is wonderfully off-kilter and just a little bit creepy, and also named after a president (Lincoln 'Linc' Potter) [...]
The fantastic Ray McKinnon is portraying an Assistant US Attorney, not an FBI agent.

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
[...] The letters from Ireland come into play. [...]
Speaking of the letter Gemma found, was anyone able to make out what it said, or was there not enough focus on it? All I could read was the Ashby letterhead, Jax's name, and Maureen's name.

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
As for the housing project question, the project is very high end. It would bring in wealthy law abiding folk who'd expect a real police force and no gangs riding around.
Exactly. The Sons have always been adamantly opposed to any "modernizing" influence on Charming that would move it away from its quaint little town "charms" (yes, I had to use that word) into becoming a larger city.

timothy wrote: View Post
7 is deffinatelly 100 episodes which is cool....
7 seasons of 13 episodes each would be 91 episodes total, not 100.
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