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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

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well the sons are in for it now since killing the russians they killed a fed as well unbenost to them that he was a fed any way. as for the rateings which are cool to watch an all I really don't go by them I go by shows that I like or love. I surprised jax has started the ratings posting yet.
Great start. The Russians taken out quickly and easily. The fed informer, I will wait to see if he was one or if he's the only one. The attorney didn't want him to have a wire that night- luck or plan or did someone tip off the Sons? What is the new sheriff's background and could Salazar have some connections to him? The letters from Ireland come into play. Gemma and Tara seemed to have developed a stronger relationship in spite of the letters (which only Tara knows about so far.) Lots of bad directions for suspicion to go here. Great episode. Hale should go balistic when the bodies are found come morning work shift.

As for the housing project question, the project is very high end. It would bring in wealthy law abiding folk who'd expect a real police force and no gangs riding around.
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