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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

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Great start to the new season! At this point, the series is so rich and deep, it hardly matters what the plotline is anymore.

I didn't much notice the ads because I zap em all. However, I did notice the "Miller Lite" nonsense at the start - somehow I don't think the Sons are imbibing too much of that crap, which would probably be grounds for expulsion from the MC. I caught a fleeting glimpse of a Jack Daniels ad at one point, which would have been far more appropriate to be given prime position.

and what do you guys think of the sherrif and fbi characters.
I like em. I recognized Roosevelt as C-Note from Prison Break (where ironically enough, his real name was Benjamin Franklin, which is where C-Note comes from, so "Roosevelt" an in-joke? ), so he'll be terrific. The FBI guy is wonderfully off-kilter and just a little bit creepy, and also named after a president (Lincoln 'Linc' Potter), so the names must definitely be an in-joke.

But the ratings are no joke!
The series’ 90-minute Season 4 premiere last night became the most-watched episode in the series’ history in Live+Same Day with 4.94 million viewers, and FX projects that it will likely be the most-watched single episode ever for an FX original series in Live+7. In total viewers, SOA was up a whopping 20% from the show’s third-season debut.
^^^ That's VERY good news. In the Season 3 DVD extras, Sutter mentions that he has a layout for a full 7 seasons. If the ratings hold, we will hopefully see a full series run and there won't be as much of a question about the possibility of continuation or cancellation as there had been in the past.
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