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What are the 'out of continuity' elements of the Crucible books ? They are on my to be read pile at the moment.

And why would a a decision be made for a recent novel to deliberately violate continuity ?
Let me be clear: Crucible, like all tie-in novels, is consistent with the continuity of canonical, onscreen Star Trek. It was simply decided to take it in a different direction than other novels have taken when it comes to things beyond established screen continuity. For instance, its version of the events in the years following Star Trek: The Motion Picture is incompatible with what my novel Ex Machina established, and its version of the elderly Admiral McCoy's life in the 24th century differs from what various other novels and short stories have established. This is because Crucible was meant to be a celebration of TOS itself, one that would be accessible to readers who aren't necessarily familiar with the broader prose continuity.

And differing from that prose continuity isn't "violating" anything, because that continuity is optional, not obligatory. It's something that various writers and editors have chosen to build between them, but it was never intended to prevent alternative paths from being taken. As it stands, it's just one of several alternative continuities in the books, alongside the Shatner novels, Crucible, and Diane Duane's concluding Rihannsu novels, plus assorted standalone novels and stories. Not to mention the distinct continuities of other tie-ins like the IDW and TokyoPop comics and Star Trek Online.
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