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Re: 10 Years of the Novelverse

I've had a bit of a strange decade when it comes to the novelverse. For the first few years of the decade, I missed it in its entirety as I was going through the TOS novels in chronological order, so for the last seven or eight years I've been playing catch-up.

For me the personal highlights would be:-
  • The DS9 Relaunch - I drifted off with the first installment of Mission: Gamma, but have read from Warpath onwards. Truly the core of the novelverse.
  • Starfleet Corps of Engineers - A truly brilliant series and is well missed by yours truly (and many, many others, I'm sure)
  • The Janus Gate / Errand of Vengeance / Errand of Fury - A fantastic set of novels that not only explore the central characters of TOS but also shines a light on the lower decks characters. The way the episodes are weaved into the narrative is wonderful. It's nice to see that A Choice of Catastrophes has continued in this direction.
  • Stargazer - Not a favourite of everyone, but I enjoyed reading the tales of Picard's first command and the people that helped shape the man he became.
  • VOY relaunch - A bit of a shaky start, but Christie Golden held my attention so it wasn't all bad. An absolute must-read series under Kirsten Beyer though, long may it continue!
  • IKS Gorkon - About bloody time we had a series that didn't focus on the USS Whatever. Excellent characters, brilliantly written by KRAD. A shame there was only four novels + Diplomatic Implausibility.
  • A Time to... - Recently finished this and I loved it too a large degree.
  • Vanguard - Just because.
  • Provenance of Shadows - The rest of the Crucible series left me cold but this McCoy-centric installment was just... WOW!
  • Mere Anarchy - Interesting to see an alien planet be a constant as we see the Enterprise visit at various points in time.
  • TNG Relaunch - Again, a shaky start, but got so much better.
  • Mirror Universe
  • Myriad Universes
That's it so far. We've seen brilliant work from the likes of KRAD, Christopher L. Bennett, David Mack and many, many others. Heres to the next decade!
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