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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG-R discussion thread!

WOW, a great article/interview with Daryl Baskin, STNG editor!!

5. Is it possible to re master the series in HD?
All the film was vaulted. Including the dailies, with :10 second handles on them. I think Paramount is working on getting all the shows no HD.
More info...from STNG's 4th season onward:

Home for ST:TNG in the fourth season became The Post Group's new Digital Center in Edit Bay B. ST:TNG moved so it could work entirely in the digital format (D1) and abandon the fickle one-inch analog tape format. The reason ST:TNG was analog for three seasons is simple, the technology just did not exit. To bring this point home further, even now some of the equipment in the bay is still considered R & D (Research and Development) and came with no manuals.

The total list of the equipment in the bay is astounding; Abekas A84 (there are only three in the U.S. and the first and third one built are at The Post Group), Abekas a64, two Abekas A60's, two Sony D1 Digital Recorders, CMX 3600 Edit System, DFX Paint FX, ADO 2000 With Digital Interface, ESS-5 Still Store, Quantel Mirage (digital version) and Touchscreen Digital Routing System (The Post Groups' own system). This, of course, does not include the software that is necessary to make all this work. And, it takes all of that hardware and software to bring together all the various elements for ONE effects shot.
Despite what we think today, The Post Group was state of the art. From the AVS forum.
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