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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG-R discussion thread!

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If they remaster all 178 episodes I would expect them to develop very good cost efficiency in the remastering process. If TNG-R sells well maybe they will use this expertise to remaster DS9 and VOY at a lower cost? There is always hoping!
The tech is always advancing...scanning the negatives into digital takes less time than 5 years ago, who know what will happen in the future.

The Star Wars blu-ray set was not enough to get me off my backside and finally buy a blu-ray player, but TNG? Oh, most definitely.

Excited to see what the first episodes will be (I know it sounds like one will be "Encounter At Farpoint"), and what the extras will be, new effects etc.

Compared to George Lucas' criminal treatment of "updating" the Star Wars trilogy, the TOS-R was incredibly reverential and appropriate, and I'm hopeful TNG-R will be as well.

Cannot wait!
TOS-R spurred me to buy and HD-DVD player. I already have a Bluray player, but I only own 3 bluray discs. STNG-R will definitely be on the list!
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