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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

So is Agent Coulson safe from the Grim Reaper of Whedon's pen??

CraveOnline: Joss Whedon is also a master of killing off beloved characters. Iím actually a little worried about you.
Gregg: Yeah, Iíve read this! Iíve read this. Iím flattered that people care, but I wish they would stop saying this because theyíre going to put it in somebodyís mind! Iím talking to them about doing "Iron Man 3" right now, and somebodyís going ďMaybe Agent Coulson should die,Ē and Iím like, ďHey, hey, hey! This is the best job Iíve ever had! Stop talking about killing Agent Coulson off.Ē
Best job he ever had!! Take that New Adventures of Old Christine!!
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