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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

VOY: "Resistance"

I'll get it out of the way right now -- I loved this episode. The guest star's performance and character were quite memorable, as well s Janeway's eventual reluctant acceptance to play a part in his delusional interpretations. All the characters important to the plot got good development, especially B'Elanna and Tuvok.

I'm also a complete sucker for remotely Orwellian societies in fiction, namely watching them get their asses kicked in any way possible. So this one had everything. One of the best so far.

VOY: "Prototype"

Apart from the absurdness of the robots' design, this was another very solid episode. Torres got quite a bit to chew on and Dawson delivered. The teaser in particular was very effective, as well as the climax. The regulated chiming-in of the newly-activated and titual prototype repeating its readiness for programming was a spark of genius on the part of the writers, filling an already-chaotic last act with the peculiarity of robotic birth.

This show is on a roll right now.

VOY: "Alliances"

Geez, what is this, six solid hours of Voyager in a row? This is not what jaded fans have told me since I left the series when it ended! This is not the promise of agony I was told I'd have to endure since I forgot most of the show! This is genuinely impressive!

More Kazon stuff, more Seska being a total bitch (but damn, she knows how to rule over those morons). I was disappointed Chakotay didn't get the chance to confront her over that crazy message she recently provided, but we did learn (and I remembered from ancient viewing) that the child is Culluh's. D'aw, how positively nauseating.

The Trabe character was an understandable bastard at the end there and I rolled my eyes a little bit at Janeway's denouement. But whatever, all in all a decent outing. And that Jonas is a menace. Nice to see the show knew how to carry a few arcs at least at some point in its run.

I wonder if the joys will continue!

VOY: "Threshold"

Brannon Braga,

You've done some great scripts over the years but I regret to inform you this recent show has left me with a clear sense of LOL. Try as I might, I can't shake the urge to LMAO at the ridiculous nature of "Threshold", truly the most XDWTF episode in series history. Its LMFAO is known throughout all quadrants of fandom, leaving a strong urge to ROFLMAO upon mere mention.

Star Trek
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