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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

Perhaps to try and stimulate some more discussion, I'll talk about an aspect of writing that really hit me in creating this episode more than it has previously - synchronicity. Maybe the other writers among you can relate?

For example, in episode 5 here, I initially mentioned the Kressari in the first scene in the Infirmary, purely as something that Bashir could have forgotten about, to demonstrate his failing mental faculties. I wanted a race we'd seen before on DS9. There was no greater intention to it than that.

It was only once it was already written that I realised what else I could do with it. How Kressari work with flowers, and flowers have been seen to have poisonous effects before (Garak used them on Romulus, for example), and that could be one of the things somebody could choose as a possible culprit for the dreams.

And then it was only after that, that I realised how the Kressari tied in even further through the already established character of Shing-Kur (from Fearful Symmetry and The Soul Key), who worked on messing with Taran'atar's head using dreams. And I could use that as a reason Cenn would distrust him - he was the one who interrogated Shing-Kur.

All of it just fell into place of its own accord, like the plot was writing itself. I love when that happens - when the stuff just works itself out if as it was meant to happen that way. It makes me feel like I'm really on the right track with things.

Does anyone else have a similar experience from their own writing?

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