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Re: Why did Chakotay Choose to be with seven instead of janeway?

MatthiasRussell wrote: View Post
Seven and the Doctor were the obvious choice.
Yes, they unequivocally were.

I don't fancy myself the shipping sort. Most romances bore me to tears. But as a youth I watched the very obvious, very intellectually entertaining pseudo-romance of Seven of Nine and The Doctor go through believable and downright intriguing twists and turns only to be deactivated at the last minute.

Hell, correct me if I'm wrong (it's been a while) but didn't "Renaissance Man" have The Doctor speaking up candidly about his feelings for Seven when he thought he was going to perish? Wasn't that the penultimate episode? If I'm right (and I hope I'm wrong, but I think I'm right) then that's just ridiculous.
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