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Re: Why did Chakotay Choose to be with seven instead of janeway?

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Behind-the-scenes chest-thumping on the part of Robert Beltran, I'm told.
I don't get how Beltran could have ever had that kind of pull. Frakking Harry Kim was more important to the show than Chakotay was.
There is an interview clip on YouTube with Robert Beltran discussing what he told Brannon Braga -- definitely chest-thumping as he proclaimed that since Braga was dating Jeri Ryan, 'I guess that ends Chakotay's chances with her' or something similarly silly.

I'll try to find it later. Of course, even Beltran's proclamations might not mean terribly much. After all, he was an actor, not a producer. But the insinuation from him, at least, is that it happened because he spoke up about Chakotay's underutilized nature and got Seven of Nine's character involved in the shenanigans that time. Then Braga obliged.
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