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Re: If "classic" Trek had introduced the Borg...

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The connection of Borg to V'ger makes a lot of sense, though it doesn't necessarily have to be so.
I don't think it makes any sense at all. It requires ignoring the vast differences between the two. The Borg are hybrids of technology and organic life; V'Ger was pure technology, having no interest in biological organisms and not even being aware that they constituted a form of life. There's no way V'Ger could've been ignorant of that if the Borg had created it. V'Ger was also vastly more advanced and powerful than the Borg, so advanced that it only needed a nudge to ascend to a higher level of existence. The Borg are primitive compared to V'Ger. Really, they have nothing whatsoever in common aside from involving cybernetics. You might as plausibly say that Noonien Soong created V'Ger.
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