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^^^ It was working very well for me, too, up until this past weekend. I mentioned in a recent post on the last page that I was getting some connectivity error every time I bring the client up the first time. Trying the second time gets me through, but then the screen goes all wonky, the monitor clicks, turns off (no video signal any more) and the machine freezes. I should try out some of my other 3D graphics-intensive games to see if I have problems with them. In thinking about this further, the last time this happened (about 7 years ago), it was a sign that the video card was dying. Replacing it fixed everything, although I'm not sure why a broken video card would interfere w/ network connectivity, unless it was sending bogus information back to the CPU, bogging it down, but that is a wholly uneducated supposition on my part.

Having done some additional web research, connectivity and graphical issues could also be attributed to a corrupted JRE.
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