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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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Could someone tell me what kind of enemy species and ships appear in Stargazer Gauntlet.

i might read it, but memory-beta is silent about the matter.
It depends how deep you want to go into spoiler territory really. In this first novel, the Stargazer is ordered to track down the enigmatic pirate known simply as the "White Wolf". Starship wise, the Stargazer and several of her Constellation-class sister ships (notably the USS Cochise) are featured as well as the "White Wolf"'s ship (shown on the cover) is featured.

As for aliens, I believe there was several aliens among the "White Wolf"'s crew, including a Nausicaan I believe. Of course, their are also the aliens aboard Stargazer such as Simenon and Jitterica, but they aren't who you're after.

The rest of the Stargazer series was more replete with aliens throughout the rest of its run.
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