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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

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Thanks for this great thread. I just got a new pc with Vista Home pre-installed. I have virtually every Trek game released over the last 30 years, and I was wondering if, before I install them, there is a list of titles that we already know do work under Vista.
get windows 7

Star trek armada played for me, dominion wars, bridge commander didn't, also had issues with starfleet academy and few other games. Never had any issues with windows 7, despite this being 64bit system. SOT crashed today for the first time today, but I know exactly what the problem was, ( i had Opera, flash and MSN all opened, CS4 as well (premier) as I was editing small video for the youtube.

Having 5-6 different programs running at the same time is not advisable even thought you might have gaming pc....

Anyways get windows 7 asp, this advice to all, get rid of Vista get windows 7 asp.
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