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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

Bit of a backlog. Watched these over the past few days.

VOY: "Parturition"

Not without merit but far from spectacular, "Parturition" stands firmly in the category of middling. As has seemed typical of this series so far, good performances save an otherwise-uninspiring plot from its doom. Seeing the quarrel between Tom Paris and Neelix given some dignity in its resolution is good and I loved Janeway's straightforward "solve it" in regard to their issues. But was this an afterschool special?

VOY: "Persistence of Vision"

An interesting if silly hour. Paris' vision of his father and Janeway's vision of Mark stand out as somewhat amusing; Torres' hidden Chakotay-bound affection on the other hand was trite. Poor Tuvok, too.

Any episode that features Kes saving the day has been a worthy one thus far; I know that's not exactly the most common thought in fandom but that's just how I feel. Her turning-the-tables moment against the alien was pretty cool and the alien's subsequent "because I can" was appropriately haunting. All in all, an OK episode.

VOY: "Tattoo"

Here's another one I hear complaints about frequently but I'm fine with -- Chakotay's heritage. Maybe future episodes will have me join the naysayers but damn, "Tattoo" was nifty. Beltran's performance was well-rounded, the plot itself was hokey but intriguing and the music was especially nice. Good outing.

VOY: "Cold Fire"

Matt Sykes comes aboard Voyager with a shocking revelation... he's an Ocampa.

Actually, I liked this episode too. All those "Kes' shows were the worst, augh" people ain't got nothin' on my enjoyment. It was lovely watching the character brought into such a situation and eerie seeing her burn all those plants. And oh boy, the scene where Kes almost kills Tuvok... I had chills.

Learning more about the Ocampa was fun. I'm left wondering why Suspiria chose the form of a little girl, but then, the other Caretaker was an old man with a banjo. Maybe I shouldn't dwell.

Found it funny how Janeway vows to find her again, too, since I recall it never happening.

VOY: "Maneuvers"

& btw chakky-poo im preggerz w/ ur baby XFD

Ahem. This was a good episode, another strong Chakotay feature with some terrific action sequences and more importantly, Seska's return in all her deviancy. We learned more about what makes the Kazon tick, and I gotta say, Culluh's pretty lucky he has Seska tugging him along because he'd be lost without her.

My thoughts on the final moments of the hour are summed-up in that chatspeak up there.
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