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Re: Marvel's Star Trek Comics (1980-82)

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Sure, it's not like Star Trek would ever have done an episode about a haunted house, or Jack the Ripper, or Alice and the White Rabbit...
...or a recreation of the Old West, meeting a Greek God, Romans in Space ...
Seriously, those bizarre, Twilight Zone-ish episodes that made the classic Trek so great ... you never knew what to expect "out there"!

I just recently read those 80s Marvel comics, and thought many of them were great - really keeping with the tone of TOS.
Or another viewpoint would be that canon they may be, but that's what made classic Trek sometimes, er, pants...

Don't forget Abraham Lincoln, Don Juan, Leonardo da Vinci, and women who turn into cats . . . and vise versa!

I gotta admit: I love the wilder, more fantastical aspects of TOS. I hope STAR TREK never takes itself so seriously that they can't run into Dracula or a giant floating hand once in a while . . . .
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