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Re: Marvel's Star Trek Comics (1980-82)

Marv Wolfman wrote, yes, but Dave Cockrum and Klaus Janson illustrated the issue. It was two pages' worth of material, and it included Spock saying that "Dracula was an Earth legend who supposedly survived 500 years until slain by a man named Quincy Harker. There were reports of his return, but they proved to be unfounded!" Since there's no "Quincy Harker" in Stoker's Dracula, I'm assuming that's a Marvel character.

Although "Dracula" and the other supernatural visitations were actually mental projections which a Klingon device drew from the mind of a horror-film archivist, as part of a convoluted plot to capture the Enterprise so they could study its new engines. Interesting that both of Marvel's post-TMP comic series, this one and Untold Voyages, opened with stories about the Klingons trying to capture the refitted Enterprise. But the latter one didn't involve anything as, err, creative as what Marv Wolfman came up with. Capture the ship by attacking it from inside with solid mental projections of old movie monsters? Why, that's a much more straightforward and effective scheme than just surrounding it and shooting at it!
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