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^There may be a *very* small grain of truth in that actually. After all, culturally speaking we're not used to seeing females in strong leadership roles.

...Anyway, I just had a go at recreating the new default FemShep in Mass Effect 2 this time and ran into some interesting results that really shows how different the same face can be.

First off, when I did this in ME1 I made an exact note of all the slider settings so that I could easily convert that data into a ME2 facecode. So, doing that, what started as this: -

Ended up looking like this: -

Note how much more pale the skin looks and the head as a whole looks noticeably wider. The hair even appears to sit differently on the forehead.

A few minor alterations and I think I've got the right look again, but it's interesting to see the first two side-by-side.

One can only speculate if the ME3 face creator will be different still. Personally I'm hoping for more nose, mouth and complexion options.
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