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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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Don't you think they could have brought in new actors and kept going?
How many shows can you think of that survived changing the MAIN CHARACTER?

And ones with low ratings?

They cancelled it because it got shitty ratings and didn't fit their new strategy of using international financing to try to compete with HBO and Showtime without needing to front all the money themselves. Party Down is a comedy and comedies don't travel very well overseas.
So, you're upset that they made a sound business decision? Why not be upset with those that didn't watch it?

And besides, they DID give it two seasons. TWO. It's not like they cancelled halfway through the first.

Give them credit. They tried a show that no one else would.

It's like screaming at FOX for cancelling Arrested Development after three seasons.

At any rate, the reasons don't matter. The fact that they show nothing I want to watch is what matters. Therefore, they are worthless. And also assholes for trying to get Netflix to drive up costs.
THOSE points make sense. (Though Spartacus is good bloody fun that I was able to watch on Netflix.)
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