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You're kidding right? Jenette Goldstein absolutely played an OTT tough bitch (that was the character after all) and her real voice is noticeably very different. Jennifer Hale on the other hand, pretty much uses her normal voice to play Shepard. Also, I don't know what dialogue options you were picking, but FemShep absolutely has "softer" line readings. Not to deride Meer's work, but Hale gives the character *MUCH* more emotional range.

Not kidding at all. Yeah, Vasquez was an over the top character, but Goldstein pulled it off while sounding natural, like it was her everyday character. To me, myself and I, Hale's Shepard does not sound natural at all. Meer sounds like a soldier, perhaps a little stiff at some moments, but still a soldier, a natural leader. Hale's Shepard just sounds like someone trying to act tough. The lines seemed so forced. Not saying Hale is bad. I'm aware of her body of work and usually I find her very good. But to me, her voice does not work for Mass Effect. This is just my opinion. Other's love her obviously, and thats great. Just my own personnal opinion.
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