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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

ENT "Singularity"

Reed Alert. Going to Phlox for something to help you with a headache, NOT a good idea.

A great from Season 2, believe or not.
I believe it. I love this episode. Firstly, i think it follows in Trek tradition, that in early seasons, the crew would be infected with some behavior alerting desease. Roddenberry saw this device as a way of "getting to know the characters quickly." The man had interesting ideas of how to write for television. The particular disease for singularity is more of a condition, and it is almost hard to to tell when it takes of hold of individual members, as they have started their trivial tasks at the beginning of the episode. I almost with wish that Vulcan's weren't declared immune.. they would have had to do almost no major rewriting, as T'Pol's obsession was to get to the bottom of what was happening. A winner.
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