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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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And that footage was taken from an episode at the back end of Season 7, I'd be amazed if the early series' negatives even existed, let alone in a usable condition.
Why? They had the negatives for TOS and that was from the 60s. I would imagine they would keep all the TNG stuff as well once Trek got big again.

And really, the only thing about early TNG that looks terrible are the VHS transfers, which aren't going to be used here.
They didn't have the negatives from TOS, they had the masters which were mastered on 35mm film, which is why they could just go back and rescan those masters at HD resolution. TNG was never mastered on film, which is why were having this discussion in the first place.

I'll bet you a million billion cookies that TNG-R is in fact upscaled SD masters.
Digital Bits goes into further detail as to why a high-definition remaster of The Next Generation is much more problematic than of the older Star Trek: The Original Series. TNG was shot on film, but all post-production and visual effects were done on standard-definition analog video. As Bits editor Bill Hunt states, "if they just simply digitally upconverted from 480i to 1080p, there's NOBODY who would want to buy that on Blu-ray". Therefore, the only solution left is to scan all the original camera negatives, edit it again in HD, and redo all FX using computer graphics, like CBS did with the remastered versions of The Original Series.
There were no "masters" but because the film negatives exist they could do the post-production from scratch, which in this case is expensive and time-consuming but also, ultimately the best way to go...with modern sound, music, FX etc. I recall Okuda said the FX don't exist (and couldn't be used anyway) but they probably have sound and music saved somewhere that can be used. I'm wondering if Levar had to show up to do some looping too.

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