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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

77. Dinner for Schmucks: D
78. Nothing But the Truth: B
79. Snow Angels: B+
80. Everybody's Fine: C-
81. Rise of the Planet of the Apes: A+

It's rare I give the A+ but in reflection I can't think of anything about the film that didn't work. I finally got around to seeing this yesterday over the Labor Day weekend. I originally had low expectations. Then when "real" people around me began raving about it in addition to the critics which I always take with a grain of salt my expectations went up. It still met them.

The movie spends a good part of Acts I & II building the drama and development of Caesar and the other Apes/Chimps he comes into contact with. The emotional impact of the film is what was as surprising as anything. Kudos to Andy Serkis and the Weta team for pulling this off.

Stay for the credits, a sequence starts about 30 sec into the credits and I almost missed them not thinking this film would have a mid/post credit sequence.

Great film!!! One more summer film on my list (Fright Night) then I'm done till Paranormal Activity 3 in October.
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