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Nope.....sorry folks who love femshep, I just can't do it. I can't take her seriously. It's the voice, it sounds soooooo.....forced. She sounds like someone "playing tough". Someone who is trying to make her voice sound deeper so she sounds tough. I just did another playthrough of ME1 as "Jane" and it just kinda made me laugh. Women don't have to sound badass to be badass. Look at say Ripley and Vasquez in Aliens. In no way did their acting seemed forced yet they were obviously ass kickers, well atleast Ripley was near the end. Or Zoe in Firefly. She was hard as nails but still spoke in a soft natural tone. Mark Meer aint perfect, and there were a FEW times he could have emoted a little more, But i'll take Meer over Hale any day of the week. Sheploo atleast sounds more natural, like someones actual speaking voice.

All that being said....I'm ok with the red head getting the default. Though I can't say I hated the blonde one either.
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