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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

I'll tell you what's been bugging me about netflix recently. Do they do something to double sided discs to make the B sides not playable?

Several times I've gotten some double billed horror discs, and fortunately the film I've been looking for has yet to be a on a blocked side 2. However, in the dvd menus of several of my rentals, they say to turn over for more shows and when I do so in the ps3, bd player, or any other device they don't play.

I have my own double sided discs and they play just fine in my players, so I don't think it is any one of my devices. My only answer is that they must block the content for some reason. I don't know why they would, as it only means you have to put another disc in your queue and they pay to mail it to you. I've heard a rumor that they deliberately copy and single side double discs, like those in a serious. But why?

As I said, thus far, I haven't had a movie blocked that I really want, but I would be really pissed if I were expecting the second feature of a double bill and didn't get it. Right now it is just a really annoying mystery to me.

As to cable, I hardly watch and if I do, it is all old material and the same few channels. We would cut it if it weren't for sports. We'll probably drop our premium channel coverage soon. I remember briefly seeing a Direct TV or such commercial with the announcer saying something like 'look, no one can give you cable a la carte...' Well, why not? That would be so much easier. I'd keep a lot more cable if I wasn't paying for dozens of channels I don't watch.
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