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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

VOY: "Elogium"

I... was not thrilled with this episode.

We begin with some less-than-stellar Neelix-and-Kes dialogue, followed by Kes eating a bunch of beetles. Then the ship gets involved in a rather unsafe relationship with a bunch of space slugs while Kes enters what turns out to be a premature preparation for childbirth by getting angry and doing things with her back. Uh... alright. Moving on.

I'm rarely a fan of "shall we have a baby?" subplots in fiction -- no, strike that, I'm not sure I've ever been a fan of them. As someone who's long since decided fatherhood isn't really for me, they bore me; I've almost positively moved well past that question so it's a slog whenever it comes up in entertainment. Not to mention there are very, very few narrative romantic arcs that do anything for me either... and this isn't one of them. So it was a double whammy of boring.

Saving grace? Jennifer Lien's performance. Wow, that woman can really work wonders with a silly script.

VOY: "Non Sequitur"

Well it ain't "In the Pale Moonlight" but compared to the last one it may as well be. Conventional enough scenario by Trekkian terms -- someone wakes up somewhere they aren't supposed to be and has to make sense of it all. Hell, "Projections" did it rather recently...

Harry Kim gets short shrift later into the series and it's kind of a shame. Sure, Garrett Wang is no Patrick Stewart but he isn't a tenth as bad as some claim, at least not here. I believed his plight and I feel a tinge of pain when his fiancee rather emotionally pointed out that he can't truly comprehend what it is like to have someone you love abruptly change as, from her perspective, he had. Pretty powerful stuff, really.

Delinquent!Tom was fun, too. In the end it all boiled down to re-aligning the flux capacitor with the self-sealing stembolt via the GPS or whatever, but sometimes it's the journey that matters. Oh, and great music this episode.

VOY: "Twisted"

I think the episode title sums things up more acutely than intended. There's a lot of good here but there's also some very blatant padding and it twists what could have been a highly engaging hour into something less so.

Nevertheless, the good moments kept it well above water. My heart almost skipped a beat when Janeway got tugged forward by the energy field, and the timing was impeccable: right after she says something so touchingly sweet to Ensign Kim like that.

Which leads me to the real winner with "Twisted" -- delightful character moments abound. Tuvok's 'do nothing' approach is an element I can definitely see bothering a lot of people but I thought it was rather compelling. Especially because it gave us a particularly strong penultimate scene; watching almost everyone embracing their potential end like that was pretty awesome.
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