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Re: Marvel's Star Trek Comics (1980-82)

I've been immersing myself in TMP-era stuff lately, partly as research for the TMP-era portions of Forgotten History and partly for fun, and I just finished a read-through of the Marvel series (not counting the TMP adaptation). I remembered our discussion of the TOS elements that got slipped past the radar, and decided to make a list of the ones I found. There's actually a remarkable number of TOS/TAS concepts and even characters that were used or alluded to in these 15 issues, despite the "ban" on their inclusion -- especially in the issues written by Martin Pasko. Here's the list (which might not be entirely comprehensive):
  • Issue #4 & 6: Admiral Fitzpatrick (from "The Trouble With Tribbles")
  • #5: Klingon mind-sifter
  • #6: Ensign Kirk's service on the Republic (though the story contradicts what "Obsession" established about the Farragut being Kirk's first deep-space assignment); pilot-era uniforms
  • #8: Mr. Kyle
  • #8 & 13: Klingon stasis weapon (from "More Tribbles, More Troubles") -- only referenced in #8 but actually used in #13
  • #8, 10, 17: the Prime Directive
  • #9: A TOS-style USS Endeavor; pilot-era uniforms; "transtater" [sic] as basis of Starfleet tech
  • #11: Mr. DeSalle; Berthold rays and a reference to Omicron Ceti; mentions of Carolyn Palamas and Mira Romaine
  • #12: Galactic barrier and references to the Valiant and Enterprise encountering it; discussion of Kirk/Rand romantic tension; a Class J cargo ship; "Jeffries tube" [sic]; Elba II referenced
  • #13: Joanna McCoy, and a reference to her time as a nurse on Cerberus ("The Survivor"); the Organian Peace Treaty; pergium; "pon far" [sic] and its 7-year cycle; engines in "red zone proximity" with four hours to blow ("The Savage Curtain"); choriocytosis and strobolin ("The Pirates of Orion")
  • #14: "Class M" planet; Hodgkins' Law of Parallel Planetary Development
  • #14, 15: cordrazine
  • #14, 16: neutronium
  • #15: cloaking device; Antosians and their metamorphic abilities ("Whom Gods Destroy"); Argan sur-snake ("The Ambergris Element"); the Vulcan inner eyelid ("Operation: Annihilate"); alternative terms for mind-meld such as "mind-touch" and "mind-fusion"
  • #16: Matter transmuters reminiscent of those from "Catspaw"
  • #17: tritanium

So that's three canonical non-TMP characters who slipped past the radar and actually appeared in the comic: Admiral Fitzpatrick, Mr. Kyle, and Mr. DeSalle. Four if you count Joanna McCoy, whose existence was established onscreen in TAS: "The Survivor."
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