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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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This preview is pretty neat. Superman originally started in an era when there were not a lot of ways to protect the common man from the whim of the rich and from big business.

I agree. I really like the idea of taking the character's real origins in the 1930s and adapting the early stories and outlook to make that part of his current back-story and continuity.

And I think it works a little better in this decade than it might have, oh, thirty or forty years ago when showing him as a rebel and defiant of authority would have seemed more self-conscious and forced. As an example of the latter, look now at O'Neill's Green Lantern/Green Arrow "road" stories. As much as we may admire them they're also heavy-handed and determinedly "hip."

IIRC, his original origins and early adventures were somewhat adapted to serve as Kal-L's, weren't they? In the mid-1980s DC published a "Secret Origins" story for the Earth-2 Superman incorporating things like his busting into the governor's mansion to secure a pardon for a wrongly-convicted death row inmate, etc.

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So we are basically going back to the pre-Crisis status of the Kents.
Among other things, Byrne adjusted Clark's status quo to reflect a little more of the common experience of young people in our time - most twenty-somethings (or thirty or forty or even fifty-somethings) have one or both parents living and active in their own lives. Blame that on penicillin. OTOH, whether it's integral to their origins or not (as it is with Batman) the orphan status of the hero is part of the origin of quite a number of the most popular superheroes - Spider-Man, for example, in addition to Bruce and Clark.

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