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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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^ I read an interview with Marina Sirtis where she reckoned that they should've got Marsters to play Shinzon in Nemesis. There is certainly a sort of resemblance between his and Stewart's bone structure.
Marsters would have been more intimidating but the script still would have sucked.

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Lieutenant Macha Hernandez - The strong and sassy Security Chief, from a failed Earth colony, she has a need to keep others safe.
I'm assuming that you know that Rodenberry originally had a character of this name planned for TNG (inspired by the tough Latina marine in Aliens) - but you do know that he opted not to call her this name because 'Macha' is Latin American slang for Lesbian, right?!
By the 24th C, it either won't mean that (slang terms change greatly over time and many fade out of existence) or it will have evolved into a compliment, in a more enlightened time.

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^ Well, would you have a tough female character called Dyke Smith?
No because that's obvious and boring. If she were sweet and feminine, then it would be an interesting contrast.
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