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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

VOY: "Initiations"

Holy Aron Eisenberg, Batman! And he does a good job as a Kazon youth, too. This is the first episode where we really begin to learn more about Kazon culture, as befitting of the second season's creative aim to enhance it significantly. Sure, it isn't exactly incredibly compelling television but it's sufficient. At least at this point, I don't remember much about further down the line apart from the finisher.

I liked how things were resolved other than the trapped crewmembers noticing how to escape literally five seconds after the Kazon depart. Yeah, that's not going to earn the Kazon any intelligence points in my book. And did Chakotay replicate a second medicine bundle? I'm pretty sure the first one exploded on that ill-fated shuttlecraft...

VOY: "Projections"

What is this, all of a sudden? The season of the suffix?

One of the things I remember from childhood and adolescence is that any episode with Robert Picardo front-and-center has a fairly good shot at success. "Projections" is no exception, and Picardo's chemistry is (perhaps unsurprisingly) terrific with Dwight Schultz's Barclay.

While the ultimate truth behind the episode is disappointingly simple, it still manages to be quite the canvas for some EMH characterization. And I enjoyed the hook at the 'end' where Kes freaks out about The Doctor not loving her and it becomes immediately apparent he's still trapped. Jennifer Lien was ace in that scene.
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