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Re: Kirk and the Prime Directive.

In every instance Kirk was on the defensive, not taking action unless attacked. Protecting the 430 lives he was responsible for was the long-term plan. If Vaal didn't want to get fucked up he should have allowed Kirk and the Enterprise to leave (which Kirk attempted to do) before attacking.

Wow, now there is a statement. That reminds me of the old song: 'We come in peace, shoot to kill!' Yes Kirk does have a responsibility to the crew, and I'm not even saying I would have dealt with the situation in a different way. But each member of that crew had taken an oath to lay down their lives rather than infringe the prime directive and Kirk, being the senior officer also had a responsibilty to the indigenous population of the planet. Not to take action based on personal interest or judge their civilisation by human standards.

Because changing your mind in light of new information is a terrible quality to have.

Come, come. If Spock was arguing that blue was blue, McCoy would have insisted it was black.

So every person on every landing party filed false logs?

I can only speculate.

Kirk attempted to leave Gamma Trianguli VI, but Vaal intervened. When Vaal proved to have the ability to pull starships from orbit, he became a hazard (just like Landru). Just because the people are primitive, doesn't mean the controlling power is. Besides we have no proof of any humanoid life beyond that village. Kirk is suppose to allow 430 people to die to protect a few slaves?

I don't write the letter of the law, nor does Kirk. Regulations exsist for a reason.

Quite a bit. Kirk never instigated change for the sake of change but as a response to attacks on his crew or his ship. You can't fault the guy for going to these places because he was ordered there.

I agree, but again regulations don't just exsist for times when everything is going well.

Fortune it seems. Bend the rules and succeed and you are a hero, bend them and failÖ
You have no evidence that Kirk bent the rules... even a little bit. Since none of us knows exactly whats in the text of the Prime Directive.

Perhaps, but I am pretty sure the above answer covers this statement.

Iím not sure the Starfleet of NG would have condoned that view.
We know what Janeway thinks. We also know from Janeway that there are forty-seven subsections of the Prime Directive. Every action Kirk took could very well be covered by those. Or they could be a direct result of Kirk encountering circumstances that the writers never envisioned.

Thanks for playing. Next.[/QUOTE]

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not anti Kirk at all. I just find it interesting how attitudes and 'spin' have changed over time.
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