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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Make him a little younger, mid-50s, still the diplomat and statesman, with a slight French accent.

Commander Wilhelmina "Wil" Riker - Now female (obviously), she is bold, brash and daring. More a fighter than Picard, which often puts them at odds, though deeply respects him.

Commander Beverly Crusher MD - The determined and compassionate CMO, she cares for her patients as much as she does her son.

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge - Chief Engineer from the time the ship launched, born blind, he is a close friend of Riker's (some suspect more to be going on between them).

Lieutenant Commander Deyan Troi - The hot and buff Ship's Counsellor (always in a variety of skin-tight jumpsuits or skants), full Betazoid with strong telepathic abilities.

Lieutenant Data - A female-designed android built by an alien race in order to preserve the memories and knowledge of a dying Federation colony.

Lieutenant Macha Hernandez - The strong and sassy Security Chief, from a failed Earth colony, she has a need to keep others safe.

Lieutenant JG Worf - Sitting at the Conn, he is a proud and honourable Klingon, raised among humans.

Wesley Crusher - Beverly's teenaged son, academically very average, coming onboard the Enterprise makes him want to join Starfleet and start to really work hard (he will never outshine the officers onboard).

Lieutenant JG Reginald Barclay - An introverted, quiet and timid Engineer, who is also brilliant--something which isn't noticed due to him bumbling nature.

Lieutenant JG Alyssa Ogawa - A kind-hearted and compassionate Nurse serving under Doctor Crusher, she is very efficient and level-headed.

Ensign Ro Laren - A brooding, blunt and outspoken young Bajoran woman with a troubled past in Starfleet and authority, she isn't your typical Science Officer. She came aboard as a mission specialist and was then convinced by Picard to remain aboard.

Chief Petty Officer Miles O'Brien - The down-to-earth and homely Transporter Chief, with a long service record, he would do anything to safeguard his family.

Professor Keiko O'Brien - Miles' loving wife who is one of the foremost xenobotanists in the Federation.

Guinan - The ship's mysterious El-Aurian Bartender.
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