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Re: Characters who were under used in the movies

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yeah from TNG it's pretty clearly Dr. Crusher, followed by Geordi.

For TOS it's Sulu(until STVI and even then he gets a better POSITION, not screen time) and Scotty
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George Takei pushed for his character to get a promotion. By doing so, he also basically ensured that he would not be part of the main action of the film and cut his screen time. Not the best move.
OTOH he got a couple of scene where he was the lead and not standing in Shatner's or Nimoy's shadows, and he's the first face you see int he movie, so it may have worked out for him after all.
Yeah, I think Sonak and Maurice are both correct in this case (also, re: Sonak's point: I'd never thought of that before, but you're right.). I'd bet that if you asked George Takei if he could choose between having more screen time of following orders and punching buttons, or having less screen time and captaining his own ship, he'd choose the latter. Quality over quantity, as it were. No joke, but it worked for Robau in XI and Nimoy in TSFS, and hey, Takei got to yell at Christian Slater (who would ever turn THAT down? ).

Trading statue for screen time was a good move, and it was good to see our favorite characters in the process of actually progressing. The only real progression we saw was Kirk's promotion to Admiral, Spock becoming a teacher, and McCoy retiring. The others may have jumped in rank but retained essentially the same jobs throughout the movies. Sulu getting his own ship showed an actual, large achievement on the character's part.
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