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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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For those still wondering about Barry and Iris...
Riffing on the Cunnigham interview itself: yes, yes, there's no "indictment of marriage." It's just that none of us currently working in the industry really like chicks all that much if they're not busty and falling out of their costumes.
If that upsets you, sorry about that. But I make no apologies for opening up a traditional storytelling avenue with our hero’s romantic life, something that’s been shut closed for a very long time now. This is no indictment of marriage. I’m a married man and wouldn’t trade it for anything. But in the realm of fiction, I feel strongly that this change to Barry opens up fresh, new creative directions and exciting new storylines.
You know, I was going to say that I feel bad for these guys' wives, but I'm reading it all wrong. What they're saying is that happiness is uninteresting to an outside observer, and the converse, that unhappiness is more interesting, and finally that marriage is identical to happiness.

So, really, now I'm just jealous. What a smug bastard!

Dennis wrote:
Unfortunately, that question has a real short and simple answer:

We're all screwed.

End of story. The fact that Liefield couldn't see how curtailed the story potential was there is just more evidence of his "genius."
I dunno. I thought Eric Stephenson handled it pretty entertainingly up until it got derailed by the Extreme Sacrifice crossover.

Plus, Brian Murray was probably the best artist in Liefeld's studio.

And, no, I don't mean that as a backhanded compliment. I liked Fraga and Mychaels too, although I really do wonder what happened to Murray, whom I recall as being actually kind of great.

I see that in one of his panels for Hawk & Dove he once again does his high-angle shot of a guy "walking an invisible balance beam" for no reason at all. Has he ever actually watched human beings?
He just has an idiosyncratic style!

No, although I can point to a period in his career where he had an idiosyncratic style. Before that, and after that, he just sucked. It was a really short window, basically between the start of the second Youngblood series and whenever he gave up on it. Actually, I guess that makes it a long window, although I think I'll run with "short" because releasing five or so issues in two years isn't something you call attention to when defending a guy.

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