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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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"What if Superman had no code against killing or loyalty to any system, but he also had no social agenda, no particular affection for anyone or everyone, and were simply an ass?"
Unfortunately, that question has a real short and simple answer:

We're all screwed.

The fact that Liefield couldn't see how curtailed the story potential was there is just more evidence of his genius.

I see that in one of his panels for Hawk & Dove he once again does his high-angle shot of a guy "walking an invisible balance beam" for no reason at all. Has he ever actually watched human beings?

BTW, let's ponder for a moment the fact that we all know that real soon now Clark will acquire the ability to fly at super speeds and to change the course of rivers and hurricanes with his bare hands - but he doesn't know that. In fact he can't have any reason to suspect it, because no matter how fast he can run right now, no matter how many guys he can fight off, even though bullets can't hurt him, how can he imagine that he's going to grow up to be God?
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