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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Yeah, but how many of those bombardiers stopped because they both 1)were successfully changing the world and 2)had superpowers which rendered them invincible to most forms of neutralization?

It doesn't matter that much, because that's only half of my point.

The other half being: Clark is a good human being by nature - or more accurately, by definition of the character.

No matter how powerful he becomes, he will never become corrupt or knowingly do evil. He's fundamentally different from you and me and those anti-war kids and the cops and everybody else.

I'm sorry - that is implausible, and as far as I'm concerned isn't made one bit more plausible by the long-time, oft-repeated insistence that because he was "raised with good values by good parents" he therefore has been a model citizen ever since he completed his toilet training early.

If you accept that goodness as part of the implausible definition of an impossible character, nothing in what Clark's doing in this story challenges or makes unlikely his evolution into a responsible Superman. Without it, no version of the character works believably except mayber Liefield's original version of Supreme.

As I said, given the course he's on now there's no trick at all to inventing events that will bring about the character epiphanies needed to make him Superman. I'm real interested to see how Morrison's going to do it, though. That's what telling a story is.

What happens to Clark when one of his "direct actions" turns out to be just flat out wrong and hurts an innocent person?
All right. You've mostly convinced me. Someone was right on the Internet; you don't see that every day.

Ha, Supreme. I sorta liked that series. It's really a concept that hasn't been much explored, as compared to the Superman-becomes-a-dictator that got halfway done to death between Miracleman, Squadron Supreme, the Authority, and Red Son. "What if Superman had no code against killing or loyalty to any system, but he also had no social agenda, no particular affection for anyone or everyone, and were simply an ass?"

I especially liked the bit where he made a terrorist guy's head explode, and the other bit where he reduced the Doomsday/Mongul hybrid character (Khrome--I feel like I'm outing myself) to a walking collection of fleshless organs inside a nuclear reactor, then blew said organs apart. It might be because I read it when I was about eleven.

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