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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

VOY: "The '37s"

I remember all the ads for this back in 1995. Promoting the second season of its flagship show was a big thing for young, ill-fated UPN. By the time the episode premiered my eight-year-old self was hyped. I think the rushed nature of this episode went over my head back then, though. I was almost as happy to see Amelia Earhart on the small screen then as I am now, actually. Always found her mystery fascinating as a kid.

But anyway, yes, rather rushed. I read this could have been a two-parter and man, what that could have done. Not just in order to see the cities and give more emotional weight to the "who will stay behind?" gig, but I wouldn't have minded seeing the aliens return and a big stint with that. This really feels like a lot of wasted potential. Some good Janeway moments and strong acting saves it from flat-out mediocrity but I almost rolled my eyes at the cargo room scene. So obvious.
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