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Re: Kirk and the Prime Directive.

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And Spock looks askance at such an improvised solution - tantamount to "taking over the whole ball of wax," as Kirk put it - and Kirk laughs it off. So he broke the PD again - who cares?
If Kirk had been present, VOY would have ended a lot sooner...

Janeway: "Mr Tuvok arm the tricobalt devices"
Kirk: "Hold on a minute, you can't seriously be considering destroying your only way home?!"
Janeway: "I have no choice, the Prime Direct..."
Kirk: "Fuck the Prime Directive! Tuvok, hail the Kazon ships and inform them who I am, then modify some torpedos with a time delay detonation and Harry, get over to the array and reprogram it to send the ship back.
Janeway: "But what if the Kazon disarm the torpedos?"
Kirk: "They won't, have you not realised how incredibly stupid they actually are?"
Janeway: "Yes you are right, fuck the Prime Directive!"

Everybody including Tuvok laugh as the crew surround Kirk in a befriending manner and we go to credits.
I like your version better.
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