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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Derishton wrote: View Post
It's probably not worth thinking about how Flashpoint actually works, except for cheap laughs: how exactly does Barry Allen trying to save his mom genetically modify parademons created a thousand years ago on a distant plant?
The line about Flash shattering history by using the full effects of speed force to resist time's tendency to correct itself is a bit of a clue. Mom surviving isn't what changes everything, as much as the way it was done does. But that's what explains the shitty world of Flashpoint, not the aftermath. I'm guessing these three alternate universes that never mingled merging back into one would result in a bigger array of genes from which to splice the parademons? Alternatively, who gives a fuck.

Dennis wrote: View Post

I love what Morrison's doing here: how Clark started as an unruly young vigilante who had no particular regard for police and government authority where he saw them as corrupt or inept, and (so it's being said) how he becomes Superman as he's known today.
I imagine getting a job at the Daily Planet whereby he can now use print to expose these assholes is how he manages to pull back and appear less anti-establishment in his Superman persona. He'd have to basically covertly buy-out the newspaper to turn it into his propaganda mouthpiece, install an honest editor-in-chief, even handpick the staff that he thinks would be willing to risk all in order to wage a war of printed words against corruption.

I'm sure we'll at least get to see Supes manhandle some guy for beating his girlfriend or spouse.
I'd love to see something like that on film as well. To see him fight his hardest to do nothing that would seriously damage the guy.
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