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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Preview for "Action Comics #1" with dialogue (as opposed to the just art previews we've been getting). Interesting to say the least:
I'm the opposite.
I dont' even recognize the character I just saw in that 8 page preview. I've read Superman off/on since the 80's and picked my share of 60s/70s stories and that character was someone else wearing an homage Superman costume.

Pass. Probably even on the TPB.
As mentioned, you'd have to read the Superman stories from the 30s and 40s to recognized this version. Its not only scraping off the barnacles, but a few coats of paint as well.
Exactly so - the 60s is not nearly far enough back to go, to find this version of Superman. In fact I think this particular vignette is a pretty direct homage to one of Supes' earliest adventures.

I love what Morrison's doing here: how Clark started as an unruly young vigilante who had no particular regard for police and government authority where he saw them as corrupt or inept, and (so it's being said) how he becomes Superman as he's known today.

Wonder if he'll get a chance to take on some corrupt "defense contractors" and industrialists who are fucking up the developing world for money, before he settles down? That would be very traditional early Superman.

I'm sure we'll at least get to see Supes manhandle some guy for beating his girlfriend or spouse.
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