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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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^ Sorry, I meant to say Arkham Asylum. But based on your response I presume you already played that.
Three times.

I can see how RDR wouldn't be for everyone. I personally loved it.
I got it because it had such rave reviews, and I really enjoyed the GTA games on PS2. I just don't think I am a fan of the western genre.

It's okay, though. My roommate stole it and played it for weeks on end, so it got its money's worth.
So I guess you liked Arkham Asylum eh.

Yeah I'm not really a fan the western genre either (be it games or movies). But for some reason I really enjoyed RDR.

But hey, I've also bought a few games that got very good reviews and I didn't really enjoy them. It happens sometimes.
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