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Re: Humanoid Sexuality in TrekLit (Minor Spoilers for VGD: Declassifie

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This thread inspired over an hour of discussion on the topic on our G and T Show podcast last Sunday (Aug. 28). I hope if you listen we don't upset anyone, I think it is a good discussion you will enjoy. (I quote a few of the responses here in the discussion.)
All the best,
Jolan Tru,

Interesting show, though the gay discussion from this forum took about 50 minutes to get to.

I just finished it, and am amused that the most uncomfortable moments come from Nick's discussion of the way he perceives my attitude in my postings (as opposed to anything I actually say). Apparently the "feces hit the nacelles" and other such comments show how angry I am all the time.

David Mack - there's a question for you at 2:09

Funny too that on the webpage, the Google tags for the episode mention Michael A. Martin -- who I don't think is mentioned by name, though his new book is -- whereas I'm not. But Nick did pronounce my name right and Ranul Keru's name so awards for that.

And you've both got good voices for podcast. (Wait, how can I make that sound angrier?) You've both got DAMN good voices for podcast.
*facepalm* I was really struggling, and a lot of it is because of my own experience with written word being taken totally taken the wrong way in email when I was in Iraq, and my spouse was here at home. And while I would never read the BBS at work perhaps the frame of mind I am in when I read it has something to do with it.

I am sincerly glad you seemed to enjoy the show, and hope you will continue to. If you would ever like to join us to discuss the topic, or any Trek lit topic, please do! Just let me know and I will send you my Skype info so you can call in. And thank you for the voice comments...Teri usually gets them, so it was a good way to start the day for me!

I will check with the person that does the webpage and tags. Thanks again Sir!

All the best,

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