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Re: Star Trek: Online

nice,free to play sound what we all need than loads more would try and play this game instead of what's current subscription base, 25000? Eve went free play as well once they did numbers skyrocketed (120-125 000) active accounts.

Problem with free means that there might be loads of morons who might just come to annoy others, reason why Eve online has such bad rep and not more have taken the offer of free gameplay.

W.E the case I am looking forward to not paying for for game i came to like, perhaps this might even give me a chance to play Klingon character.


guys need to ask few questions, where is best for rare partiles, which expanse, and where can i get these blue particles, i forgot where i collected them . And wher can i get more purple particles, Borg space I mean B'tran cluster is good for purple, but they are hard to come by,.

So to recap, blue, purple particles , which clusters to go to look for these, and rare particles, which is best cluster? O yeah Delta flayer???? How do i get schematics for that one? cheers.
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